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Accommodation Support

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Most frequent questions and answers

Many UK universities, including prestigious ones like Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London, welcome international students.

Each university has its unique offerings.

We can support you in finding the right field of study at the right university in the UK.

There are also many smaller universities as well as language schools offering specific programmes for international students.

Tuition fees vary by institution and program. On average, they range from £10,000 to £38,000 per year. Research specific universities for precise costs.

Language Courses, and summer camps might range lower than that.

Yes. Scholarships and financial aid options exist but are highly competitive.

We can fully support you and explore university-specific opportunities and external grants that you might be eligible to.

UK universities widely accept IELTS and TOEFL scores for language proficiency.

We help you to ensure your scores meet the specific requirements of your chosen institution.

Should your English level need additional support and improvement, we can recommend steps to you. 

The Tier 4 (General) Student Visa is the primary option for international students.

We support and guide you through the visa application process and help ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

We work closely with student accommodation providers, universities and other accommodation providers.

Typically, universities offer on-campus housing, and private accommodation options are available as well.

Costs vary but generally range from £165 to £250 per week depending on your preferences.

UK universities provide comprehensive support, including academic assistance, mental health services, career guidance, and cultural integration programs.

We can guide you to the right resources if required.

The UK offers a vibrant and diverse cultural scene.

Universities have numerous student clubs and activities, making it easy to meet people and explore various interests.

Have a look at some of the students’ video on our website here.

International students can work up to 20 hours per week during term and full-time during vacations.

We can guide you and point you in the right direction. Another good way is to check with your university’s career services for job listings.

We help international students to study in the UK as part of our services.

Our support spans finding the right university, visa application support, finding accommodation, and any other aspect of your studying in the UK.

Deadlines vary, whereby we recommend to start as early as possible.

Feel free to use the contact button on this website to get in touch with us and discuss your ambitions.

Academic & Career Pathway Consulting

Do you want more support?

Let's work together and draft an actionable strategy that will help you to achieve your dreams in academia and profession


£ 399
  • Tailored Support
  • Application Progress support
  • Process supervision


£ 849
  • Tailored Support
  • Application Progress support
  • Process supervision
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Academic Preparation
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Assessment Best practices


£ 949
  • Tailored Support
  • Application Progress support
  • Process supervision
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Academic Preparation
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Confidence building practices
  • 1-to-1 Preparations
  • Career Pathway Strategy & Roadmap
  • Personalised Recommendations & Actionplan
  • Includes 'Additional Services'

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"A2i are incredibly knowledgeable about the application process and can provide you with all the support you need ."
"I couldn't have asked for a better experience with A2i!"
Sven M.
"Highly recommended! They made the process simple, easy, and stress-free. They helped me find the perfect school to improve my English."
Mary S.
"I can't help but thank the team for their guidance. From improving my English skills to choosing the right university, they made the whole process go smoothly. I'm following my dream in the UK now, all thanks to their expert guidance!"
"Working with you guys was a game-changer for me. It wouldn't have been possible without your help."
Middle East
"I was kind of overwhelmed by the thought of studying in the UK. Your help with my English levels, university choices, and visa application made my journey so much easier!"

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