10 Tips for New University Students

It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life.

You’ll be meeting lots of new people, making lifelong friends and building memories that will last forever. But with all these exciting changes there are also some challenges you need to prepare for.

Here are some tips that should help you get through university smoothly:

1. Keep a healthy lifestyle: eat right, sleep well, exercise regularly and you’ll be able to handle the stress that arises in your studies with greater ease.

2. Plan ahead and know what you’re going to wear the night before so you don’t waste time running around figuring it out the morning of.

3. If you need help with something, ask somebody on campus for assistance right away – it will save you a lot of stress and anxiety down the line if you can do it when it’s not so busy!

4. Stay informed about the social life on campus by attending open events or talking with other students this can be your first place where you build a strong network with students from different faculties. There’s always a party or two where you can also let steam out with a dance and a chat.

5. Keep up with your assignments – don’t let it pile up to the point where you feel overwhelmed. When too many assignments piles up, do as much as you can then schedule time in your calendar for yourself to finish it off later on that week or month. You’ll thank yourself for that.

6. Be early for everything – if you’re late for class it gives the wrong impression, that is the least, if you are like me it can let you frustrated.

8. Speak up if you don’t understand something – ask questions in class and make sure all of your assignments are done on time to ensure the best grade possible. My go-to, is to book the 1-2-1 with the lecturer/professor, as when you have those sessions you can be more specific as this is your time.

9. Stay organised! Write down all of your syllabi, know when assignments are due, which books you’ve checked out from the library and what is the required referencing and formatting required.

10. Online resources are valuable, to help you acquire knowledge in a new subject. Also, build that small team that is committed to success, you will thank yourself for that, feel that you gained another support around you.

Booking a subject specialist tutor, as and when needed is also important. You can get personalised

Tutors can provide University students with advice modules which they’re struggling with, or just to ensure that the student is achieving the target grades for a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

University is a time of tremendous change. It’s an exciting and daunting challenge to navigate these changes for the first time, but with some foresight and preparation, you can be well on your way to achieving success in university! With that said, we hope this article has been helpful as it contains 10 tips for new students who are starting their studies at University.

Whether you’re attending classes online or offline, I have compiled essential advice from personal experiences which should prove invaluable during your studies.

If there was one takeaway message about how to prepare yourself mentally for going into University, what would it be?

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