This will be a Hybrid opportunity (remote and face-to-face) – Homeworking mostly, Meetings and training – Rochdale and Manchester Locations (to be allocated).

Are you a driven Do-er and Go-Getter, ready to unleash your full creativity?

Is a career in sales & marketing something that tickles your fancy?

We are a fast-growing company looking to expand our team with someone who has the

aspiration to go big in life and business.


  • Help create a content strategy that is in sync with our marketing plan for various digital

platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Using Canva and other creative tools to create images and written content.
  • Ensure that scheduled postings are in line with the content strategy.
  • Encourage and put into action new marketing ideas to help grow the brand.
  • Create landing pages, writing articles for blogs, vlogging, and prepare email campaigns.
  • Creating and expressing company views in an engaging manner
  • Engaging with posted content to allow the potential client a sense of our principles and

boost revenue.

  • Expand audience reach by utilising the most recent social media trends.
  • Show your initiative to research and develop our sales and marketing plans further and

help increase revenue.

  • Research content topics & write blog articles
  • Turn videos into blog articles and micro-content
  • Social Media posts planning
  • Engaging with followers on social media
  • Proactive Inbound Prospecting new potential clients on Social Media
  • Keeping the CRM up-to-date
  • Proactive Outbound Prospecting new potential clients

The ideal candidate will be bright, enthusiastic, hardworking, and bold enough to propose new


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