Consistency to Better Support Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Students

SEND Students

SEND Students

A2i Academy is a company that specializes in providing students with personalised learning experiences. A2i Academy uses technology to facilitate learning, allowing students to access their programme on multiple devices, giving them more flexibility in when they can engage with the self-learning Study Programme. During group sessions, the maximum of 5 students per session provides a safe environment to ask questions, request a breakout room for 1-2-1 communication with the teacher.

Supporting students with special educational needs is paramount. A2i Academy Live or On-Demand sessions system allows students to work in small groups and independently, giving them control over their own learning experiences.

Self-learning/On Demand means that students can take breaks whenever they feel like it and pick up right where they left off; as if a personal tutor was working with them one-on-one.When on a Live session as part of a small group, breakout rooms can offer that extra safe space for 1-2-1 support and sessions

SEND Students and career paths

Our support extends beyond tutoring, all students receive specialist careers advice when the time is right to explore their strengths.Apprenticeship has been proven to be a successful strategy for students to enter the working world. Some students feel that pursuing an apprenticeship is more feasible than earning a bachelor’s degree.

Show more than one method and allow students to select the one they are most comfortable with.

With students who face challenges with consistency, it is important to match the expectations that students have to their ability level. For example, students may think they will not achieve a grade A in a course because of previous courses where they felt frustrated and did not achieve a high enough mark.

It might be helpful for these students to do some research on students who have succeeded in achieving high grades and what course they took, students can also research students with similar challenges to their own and see what strategies they use to overcome these.

This allows students to set realistic goals of not only what is possible but how they are going to achieve it.Empower students by giving them the skills they need for success. Give students choice over their learning activities, let students learn at their own pace. one student may learn at the first modelling the others may need 10 goes before they grasp the topic. Enable students to work together in small groups so students can feel supported but still have the autonomy of working independently.

Online Strategies to support SEND Students

A2i Academy is a company that makes students feel comfortable and supported. They use technology to help students learn more. This helps students who have special education needs and disabilities (SEND). A2i Academy can be used on any device or computer, which helps students who cannot go to school every day because of their needs.

The most important strategy is to ensure that students with special educational needs interact with their teachers and students in order to reduce the isolation.

Secondly is to provide students with special educational needs additional time to complete tasks or assignments. This could also include providing them with more education materials than other students. The online sessions should be designed so that students are not left behind due to moving at their own pace, while others may be given extra work to keep them engaged.

The third strategy would be using videos of teachers explaining topics rather than having the students read through lengthy chapters on the topic. Students should be able to watch videos while completing their daily assignments. A fourth strategy is to make sure students are getting feedback on their work quickly. Students with special educational needs need to know that the teacher will respond to them in a timely fashion if they have questions or additional information needed for an assignment.

The final strategy requires students with special educational needs to be supported throughout the entire process, not just during online sessions. The students should be supported by teachers who continue to go over missed lessons and review individual students’ work before sending it back home to parents. This way, students get more time doing what they do best: learning!

Online Learning seem like a great idea because students can stay at home while receiving an education which would be impossible otherwise. However students with special educational needs can get behind because students will not always be able to keep up with other students’ grading standards. The students need to receive feedback about their work and they cannot wait for teachers to read through a whole assignment paper, ask the students questions and them grade it.

This takes a long time and students should not have to wait that long for answers to their questions.For students without special educational needs who can learn from homeschooling or online schools seem like a great idea but students with special educational needs may struggle which will require a different approach to these learning methods. Hence teachers need to be consistent in order for students with SEND’s to get the most out of the system. With students with special education needs, consistency is key.

This means that students need to be supported in all areas of their life and not just during the time they spend learning online. Hence why we extend our communication to other means of communication when sessions are not live.

If you want to ensure your students are getting the most out of our online course or if you’re looking for a way to help them learn at home without feeling isolated, A2i Academy offers Study Programmes that benefit SEND students. With our programs, we make sure students feel comfortable from day one – which helps reduce any unnecessary stress on the student.

Our students are able to acquire their very own set of study materials, We make sure all sessions are recorded in the event students are unable to attend live session, they’ll be able to keep up with the study materials, which also allows students to go at their own pace. The students will not feel left behind and we guarantee that one student’s success is tied directly to our success as well.

All students get private access to the resources and there is no limit to the amount of students that can enrol into the Self-learning programme, making it suitable for SEND students.The students attending the Study Excellence Programme (small group sessions) benefit from not studying in isolation from the comfort of their home, as well as, having access to the recorded sessions.Further information

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Working over 20 years in education in various sectors, from working in Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Higher Education.

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