GCSEs and A-Levels: What you need to know for Summer Exams 2022

This blog will include information on A-level exams, GCSE exams, and what you need to know about them for 2022. A2i Academy has partnered up with other Exam Centres that allows you to sit Exams in different subjects not exclusively in Maths and English. Hence we are providing as much information to gear up parents and students for future examinations.A GCSE is an example of a ”National Curriculum Key Stage 4 qualification’. A key stage 4 qualification can be taken at secondary school during years 9 through to 11, and with private providers exams can be taken much earlier.

Let’s immerse into grading: GCSEs are graded A*-G. A grade A or A* is the highest grade you can receive, while G stands at the lowest which would mean the student would have to resit to obtain a pass. A GCSE is a qualification that is taken during secondary school education in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. A key stage 4 qualification can be taken at secondary school during years 9 through to 11 GCSEs. Whereas the A-Levels are qualifications taken in college in years 12 and 13, however, it can also be taken at later stages such as Adult learners returning to education.

GCSEs and A-Levels in England have been reformed to keep pace with universities’ and employers’ demands. They are based on new and more demanding subject content but are still suitable for the same wide range of abilities. The new grade scale makes it clear to everyone that students have studied the new GCSEs. It also has higher grades compared to the old A* to G grades, to give sixth forms, colleges, universities and employers the opportunity to better distinguish between students of different abilities.

The government designed the grading so that there are comparable points at key grades. The bottom of a grade 7 is comparable to the bottom of the previous grade A, the bottom of a new grade 4 is comparable to the bottom of the previous grade C, and a grade1 equivalent to a G. It has been clear to employers, universities and others that if they previously set entry requirements of at least a grade C, then the equivalent now would be to require at least grade 4.

A -Level Information

A level:- A A-level is an academic qualification that can be studied at colleges and universities in the UK. An A-level is an academic qualification that can be studied at colleges and universities in the UK. An A-level usually takes two years to complete, although many students choose to take one-year courses, often to gain advanced standing or credit at their institution’s A-level exams.

A backup plan in support of students that have missed learning time, due to COVID-19 restrictions and Lockdowns?

Here is a list of adaptations put in place to support students in their GCSE and A-Level exams in Summer 2022:

Explaining the new GCSE grading system | Blackburn College
  • Topics or subject information on which students will be tested in GCSE English literature, history, ancient history, and geography, will be shared ahead and in preparation for exams. Expect these to be published early February 2022 with a possibility of earlier release.

  • Presenting sophisticated information on the focus of examinations to assist students in subjects where there is no option of themes/topics.

  • Formulae sheets will be provided for GCSE Maths, Combined Sciences and Physics.

  • To maintain fairness in assessing, new criteria may be developed for practical science work, as well as art and design examinations.

These changes will extend to the November 2022 GCSE English language and mathematics re-sit exams. In July, there will be a comprehensive release of material for both subjects.

Grading and assessment criteria

Besides November re-sit, it has been 2 years since the last exams were assessed by Awarding Boards, hence the approach is to have a phased examination process until we can settle back to pre-COVID-19 standards. These measures are in place to ensure fairness while we are settling into some ‘normality’.

Exam period

The final summer exam timetables have been announced by the examination awarding bodies. Expect it to be between May and June 2022. Here are some of the Exam boards we get our students through:

What if exams are cancelled again?

The Government this time round have considered all option, and as a matter of precaution, it has put in place measures in the event of another lockdown. These involve Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) where Ofqual is providing guidance to reduce teaching workload, as well as to have standardised approach to ensure marking and collection of evidence are completed and submitted with minimal disruption to teaching and learning.

Hence, Ofqual and the Department of Education plan is to resort to Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) if exams are cancelled. There’s currently ongoing consultations on how this might work.

All measures taken by the government is to protect students from the effects of COVID-19, in order to ensure fairness, they have put in place measures that will allow teachers and schools more time for preparation before exams are taken again.

On that note stay updated with the latest news in education via the Gov Education website: https://educationhub.blog.gov.uk/2021/11/11/exams-in-2022-everything-you-need-to-know/

Key Dates:

  1. Release of Advanced Information on 7th of February 2022 (possibly even earlier)
  2. All Exam details: (Check Links above: Exam period)
  3. GCSEs results day on 25th of August 2022
  4. A-Levels results day on 18th of August 2022
  5. November re-sit exams information expected in July 2022

Further information:

  1. https://www.tes.com/news/gcses-and-levels-2022-how-exams-will-run-next-summer
  2. https://ofqual.blog.gov.uk/2021/09/30/exams-and-assessments-2022-fairness-and-clarity/
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