Strategic Education and Career path Consulting 
& Bespoke Tutoring

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1. Initial Consultation

A 30-45 minutes (video) call with parents & learners to identify areas of support, goals, and ambitions for the ACSD (Academic & Career Strategy Design™️).

2. Contract to Engage

After the initial call and the decision to move forward, a contract to engage will be issued.

3. Strategic Pathway

Design of a Strategic Pathway & Actionable Plan

4. Onboarding Process

The learner will be enrolled and the ACSD (Academic & Career Strategy Design™️) will be put into action with them and their assigned Tutors & Mentors.


  • Status quo & aspirations
  • Learning needs
  • Support requirements
  • College, University and Profession Entry requirements
  • Goals & Gaps
  • Agreement on Collaboration & Engagement


  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Initiation of Onboarding
  • Designing the academic & career strategy


  • 11+
  • GCSE exams
  • Summer Camp
  • College/university admissions
  • Tutoring plan
  • College and University
  • Entry / admission strategy


  • Send onboarding email to prepare for live sessions
  • Book Initial assessment
  • Send calendar schedule

What we provide

qualified & Trustworthy teachers

Open Communication & Progress Feedback

State-of-the-art Technology

bespoke tutoring & Mentorship

Emma's journey to acing her
GCSE maths exams

Emma had been with A2i Academy for 4 years. We suggested she’d sit her GCSE maths exam 1 year earlier. After careful consideration and speaking with her parents she decided to give it a shot. And aced it!

Watch the Video with Emma and her parents, Ana and Adrian.

Play Video about A2i Anywhere Academy - How Emma passed her GCSE Maths exams with the highest grade possible

That and more...

Qualified Teachers & Screened

Learn From The Best
Safer Recruitment

Safe Learning Space

Higher Focus = Better Results

Revision Planner

More Focus = Get results

Academic year Group Learning

Study Programmes

Live Sessions

Personalised Learning

Recorded sessions

Self-paced Learning / Directed Study

Progress Reports and instant Feedback

Measure progress

1-to-1 learning

For exam preparation

Typical Results

of our students improved their grades up to 3 levels
0 %
of our students have been accepted by the school, college or university of their choice
0 %
of our students sit their exams one year earlier
0 %

starting from
Less than £10 per day*

*Our minimum engagement is for 12 months, i.e. one year to provide the best support for implementing our strategies and mentorship.

Typically, parents decide to enrol their child for 3 years on average.

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