The Learning Accelerator Framework™️

Key Stage

Key Stage



Tired of not understanding the intricacies of maths and your teacher is not a big help, either?

You’ve tried learning at home before but it never worked for you?

Imagine having a tutor who can help you understand the concepts behind each problem, so that when you solve problems on your own, it makes sense to you.

Anywhere Academy is an online education platform that provides personalised maths tuition for students from all over the world.

Our courses are designed by experts in mathematics education with one goal in mind – helping students develop their skills and build confidence in maths so they can achieve better results at school. 

And life.



The Learning Accelerator Framework™️ is based on the premise that young learners not only need qualified subject-based tutoring, which certainly is a prerequisite of any private online tutoring.

As most of our students stay for 1 year and longer, our core strength is to provide mentoring alongside subject-based tutoring.

Mentoring gives our students manyfold advantages in their lives:

  • Confidence
  • Certainty
  • Mental strength
  • Willpower

The Learning Accelerator Framework™️, therefore, is not just ‘another’ online tutoring service.

It is a framework to equip your child with everything they need to pass with flying colours and prepare for a life of success.

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Something isn’t Clear?

We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.