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From day one, students notice the improvement in their abilities and overall comprehension and most importantly achieve the results they aim for.

Each student has a unique learning style, and it’s our duty to find out what that is, and adapt our sessions accordingly.

Our success stories are for students that embarked on a full year or 3 years program, starting from pre-GCSE’s to sitting their exams in Year 11. Also, our re-sit students have benefited from our Exam Readiness sessions to attain the grades they needed to secure their college or university place. 

Most importantly, we are known to build trusting, positive and strong support mechanism around the student with measurable delivery, and if the student is under age we involve the parents/carers, throughout the tutoring process, to ensure student progress is visible and tangible over time. 

Other perks that are a valuable asset to us and the students are the recorded sessions. Learners gain access to their session recording and online resources, allowing for a recap.

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Something isn’t Clear?

We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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