How to complete your homework without parents’ help

It’s really hard to do homework without help. We know this because that is the reason why A2i Academy is an Online tuition academy that teaches students how to complete their homework.

You’ll learn how to complete your homework, gain a greater understanding of specific topics from the curriculum, as well as being able to transfer the skills in life and in future career choices.

Homework isn’t something you should be afraid of. It’s a necessary evil that comes with being a student, but it doesn’t have to be the worst thing in your day. Here are some tips on how to finish your homework without your parents’ help: 

1) Start early and work hard – The earlier you start, the more time you give yourself you’ll have time to calmly read, comprehend and have room to correct mistakes if anything goes wrong and solve problems without feeling pressure to complete. Also, take breaks in between for 10 minutes or so and come back with fresh eyes!

2) Play music while working – Playing music can make it easier to focus because the audio track can support focus and helps keep things interesting.

3) Eat healthy snacks – Eating healthy snacks will provide energy when needed and not leave you feeling exhausted when finishing up.

4) For maths problems, use some of our hints and tips on our YouTube channel, also other websites that we recommend below. Thereafter, just practice, practice, practice.

Remember that mental arithmetic is great, but also practice calculator skills if you are a GCSE student as the maths exam has two papers that are calculators papers, by doing this you will master calculator use which will save time to check answers.

5) Next up are reading comprehension passages. These might sound like they’re hard, but really all you need to do is read through them once or twice before answering questions about them!

Hope it helps! Let us know if it does in the comments below.

We’ve helped many students since 2016! Our programmes have evolved since and are fun, interactive, and engaging, delivered by fully qualified teachers.

If you are interested in getting that extra support or you know anyone that does, share this blog and register at A2i Academy to find out more about our Maths and English Programmes.

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